Стихи и поэмы. Проза. Переводы. Письма. О поэте. Фото и видео.

Glass Towers

since morning the street was lined with
glass towers chiming like salami
dangled from vacuum

from any vantage transpicuous
intersections of buzz and breeze
          (nerves) as
if all’s about these: contacts and contracts
ring and if anything sting

but to
pad of the pinky
knee is palpable and the hairy
rose of Sri Lanka
glass towers

of test-tubes and cylinders graduate
no taller than Marie Curie
at apex thermometers empty of mercury

station the tower to ye
ye picky and testy as pimple on testes
walk into it test it

slightly rosé
as if as sun dies it dries
herds sniff it remarking
great tubular
actually it slides in subway clanging
forever with you and slightly rosé

glass towers shadowless as if outside
twilight though eons post
marched glass towers to cumulus Zion
where a lamb posed hooves crossed

what for likeness they take from him whom they meet
him himself they become
their astigmatism differences defeats
in a glass tower I’m random

avoid death in a glass tower
else you’ll miss over mountain soaring Aries
they mistake me and so I fear
what do glass towers mistake me

they ascended to top as so many sprocket holes
and as regular fell they
too bad you like to assume roles
you slept in one no one saved you

which tower is to be fled via magnetic waves
expanding from center endlessly
as you race alongside it to prove
that its body your loss empties

they break and assume opacity
coughing under sole their shards are
glass towers are opposite of the sea
and I revere its flotsam

being transparent in darkness they don’t exist
I’ll be your Virgil in blind room
of insides insidious to minus-Aeneas
let the room split with laughter skipping along like a rook

you’ll see nothing but seize that ring
doubles separate from them glassier than these towers
and mount a slope showered with slivers
cumulus slope paradisiac bowers

Translated from Russian by: 
Eugene Ostashevsky
Original source: 
Стеклянные башни

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