Стихи и поэмы. Проза. Переводы. Письма. О поэте. Фото и видео.


Flaring in epithelial darkness, as if bitten
by a rabid, magnetic gesture—
all at once—body, converted to hydrogen
all at once—hydrogen under pressure.

Magnetic pressures, within and without,
the bear hibernates in a lush’s cranium.
When the room starts to spin, the bear rushes out
and deposits itself for a glass of uranium.

You were the augury of the force that poured forth,
gilled and exoskeletal,
too busy with tumors to notice, of course,
numbering myelin fibers of muscles.

Nervous systems of mountains.
The planetoid’s purposeless drift.
Electrochemical contacts. Uncounted
dispersions. Petroleum. Radio bandwidth.

The force itself you recognized: a sharp fillip followed.
Total disjunction. No sound.
In an instant you were atomized, re-gathered. There followed
another fillip. And you found

a pair of old sneakers. A thousand scarred punctures of air.
Cognizant windows slithered like vipers.
And you entered the corridor,
cleft by darkness like a fallen cypress.

Translated from Russian by: 
Wayne Chambliss
Original source: 

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